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Aortic Aneurysm Repair Specialist

Syed Bokhari, MD, FACC

Cardiologist located in Riverside, CA

Aortic aneurysms are serious, potentially life-threatening occurrences that disrupt the flow of blood and oxygen in your body. Certified in aortic aneurysm repair, Dr. Syed W. Bokhari is pleased to provide effective diagnosis and treatment options for people in Riverside, California, at Advanced Cardiovascular Care.

Aortic Aneurysm Repair Q&A

Aorta is the main large caliber vessel of the body that runs through one's chest and abdomen. It gives off multiple branches that supply the blood and in turn oxygen to the whole body including the heart, brain, arms, legs, kidneys etc. An abnormal balloon-like enlargement of the aorta may occur, which is mostly asymptomatic and diagnosed coincidentally. The risk factors are advanced age, hypertension and smoking. The rupture of the aorta carries high mortality. If caught in time, the aortic aneurysm can be repaired via open surgical operation or via minimally-invasive stent grafting. Dr. Bokhari is certified in repairing the aortic aneurysm using endovascular stent graft technique called EVAR for Abdominal aorta and TEVAR for the Thoracic aorta.

What’s an aortic aneurysm?

An aneurysm is a bulge in the wall of an artery, which is a blood vessel that carries oxygen to the rest of your body through your bloodstream. If an aneurysm enlarges it can burst, causing bleeding and even death. Most aneurysms develop in the aorta, or the main artery running from your heart to your abdomen and chest.   

How are aortic aneurysms diagnosed?

Until they become quite large or burst, aortic aneurysms are mostly asymptomatic and diagnosed coincidentally during tests for other reasons. If you’re at high risk for aneurysms, regular screenings are important for preventing complications. Risk factors include family history, advanced age, smoking, and hypertension. Imaging tests are used to detect aneurysms.

What’s aortic aneurysm repair?

If caught in time, aortic aneurysms can be repaired through open surgery or minimally invasive stent grafting. Dr. Bokhari is certified in repairing the aortic aneurysm using the endovascular stent graft technique (EVAR) for abdominal aorta repair and the technique for thoracic aorta repair (TEVAR).

What happens during the procedure?

During aortic aneurysm repair, you lie on a padded table under general, epidural, or spinal anesthesia. Dr. Bokhari makes a small incision near your groin then inserts a stent-graft into the femoral artery. He’ll use X-rays to guide the stent-graft to the aneurysm location then open the stent and attach it to the aorta wall. Eventually, the aneurysm shrinks around it.

What’s recovery like?

Depending on the specifics of your surgery, you’ll likely stay in the hospital for 3-5 days afterward. Recovery from aortic aneurysm repair is usually faster and less painful than open heart surgery recovery. You may initially spend time in the intensive care unit for observation, receive blood-thinning and pain medications, and have a urinary catheter during your hospital stay. Dr. Bokhari may also encourage you to sit up, walk around, and wear special stockings to prevent blood clots in your legs.

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